2019 Vendor Contract

Thank you for choosing to partner with Run From Hunger this year.

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1.First come, first serve. 2.Vendor acknowledges the event is held rain or 3.Sunshine and severe weather may impact attendance level and overall event turn out. 4.Vendors are responsible to avoid visible trash build-up and remove all trash prior to departure. On-site trash receptacles are available. 5.Vendors setup is 7 a.m. and breakdown at 1 p.m. on race day. Vendor is responsible to provide: 1.Power source or grill 2.Equipment (oven, warmers, prep table, refrigeration, etc.) 3.Menu/company signage 4.Ice 5.Tent/table and chairs
Cancellation Policy *
Run From Hunger reserves the right to postpone or cancel the event due to events out of Run From Hunger control such as a natural disaster or other emergencies. Run From Hunger may also alter the course and distances of the 5K for the safety of the participants.
Contract *
Run From Hunger at Los Angeles State Historic Park, September 29, 2019. The Vendor is registering to vend at and during the event and will pay the applicable vendor payment for a license to vend at the event. Run From Hunger and Vendor parties both agree to the following terms: 1.Vendor will be given access to the place that is agreed upon by both parties no less than 2 hours before the event starts. Vendor may setup a station for goods to be sold, and anything else that is needed and customary to vend at that specific location. 2.Vendor will not vend any items or services that are not listed in Items Sold or disclosed at the event without prior written consent from the Run From Hunger. 3.Vendor's station shall be no bigger than 10 feet or taller than 10 feet; and shall be clean and orderly. 4.Vendor and staff shall follow all applicable laws and regulations of the County and State of said Event. 5.Vendor's staff may exhibit goods for sale only while their staff is within the vendor's reserved vendor space. 6.Vendor and staff will be properly dressed and their appearance will be clean and neat and they shall conduct themselves in an orderly fashion. 7.Vendor has access to the location for up to 2 hours following the event which concludes at 1:00 p.m. Vendor shall leave the location free from trash and in similar condition prior to arrival. 8.Vendor agrees to hold the Run From Hunger free from any damages or claims that may develop in connection with participating in the event. This contract shall be governed by the laws of the State of California and any applicable Federal Law.
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